Making the most of your waste

Effluent Management

Farm dairy shed effluent is a valuable resource. Irrigation Services can help with all or part of your effluent storage and discharge process, from building lined dams, through to land application of effluent.  We can either work with your contractors or in partnership with our sister company I.S. Dam Lining to deliver a complete effluent management system.

Low application rate systems and more even spray patterns create less environmental risk. Irrigation Services will evaluate your farm, offering the best solution to suit your needs. We will ensure you comply with local body regulations, and maximize the nutrient harvest from your effluent.  Read here how we assisted Roselea Farm meet their consent conditions.

We offer a full range of land based application systems:

  • Pod sprinkler systems
  • Long lateral sprinklers
  • Travelling irrigators

Dairy farmers are being encouraged to undertake an effluent storage assessment, as storage and deferred effluent irrigation will ensure compliance with standards and terms specified in resource consents.

Irrigation Services is Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited and can complete an effluent storage assessment applying the Dairy Effluent Storage Calculator and evaluating your effluent management system.

An effluent storage assessment is required when you apply for new or replacement dairy effluent resource consent or when you apply to change conditions on your existing dairy effluent resource consent.

Contact us today to request an Effluent Storage Assessment


Pasture Irrigation

All systems are custom designed for the particular farm, taking into account the field and row dimensions, topography, soil types, crop type, water source, precipitation rate, sprinkler spacings and client requirements.

  • Pivots/linear irrigation systems 
  • Pod irrigation systems
  • Travelling irrigators
  • Moisture monitoring


Pivots/Linear Irrigation

Pivots/linear irrigation are overhead sprinkler irrigators made of galvanized pipe segments joined together and supported by wheel mounted towers for mobility. The structure pivots around a centre point operating in either direction and can complete either a part-circle or full-circle operation, or travels back and forth in a linear motion, achieving up to 98% irrigation. Commonly used as part of a farm management programme, pivot and linear irrigation systems can be used with chemigation, fertigation, germination, and decreases the risk of leaching that can occur through broad arc irrigation systems.


Pod Irrigation

Pod irrigation systems are a cost effective pipeline sprinkler irrigation system for pasture and forage crops.  Designed to operate at low pressure, pod irrigators distribute water on a slow absorption rate over a 12-24 hour period, allowing for effective absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off.

Strong and lightweight pod irrigation systems are simple to install.  The system utilises protective pod covers over sprinklers that are attached to an irrigation pipeline.  Systems can be configured to suit individual requirements dependent on application rates, the distance to be irrigated and the rotation intervals appropriate for the situation.  Each irrigation line can be customised to suit varying paddock sizes and shapes while also accommodating existing obstructions.


Travelling Irrigators

Travelling Irrigators are coils of polyethylene (PE) pipe attached to a trolley and fitted with a raingun or a boom structure with small sprinklers at one end.   Positioned in field by a tractor the PE pipe is unreeled, pressurised water is pumped down the PE pipe driving the water turbine and retracting the pipe while irrigating the field.


Long Line Sprinkler

These systems are often used to irrigate irregular shaped blocks, corners not covered by centre pivots, or where other forms of irrigation are not suitable. These sprinkler systems are hand shift, and do require labour input to operate.

However, labour requirements can be minimized with the use of permanent or solid set sprinkler systems. These will also lend themselves to automation if required, and can be used for irrigation of pasture or crop and also frost control applications.


Farm Water Supplies/Stock Water

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough watering points in all paddocks to spread the grazing pressure evenly?
  • Are my troughs/tanks/dams big enough?
  • Are my pumps, pipes and water distribution systems in good condition?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then contact Irrigation Services.  We can help you improving the quality and reliability of your farm water systems.