Irrigation Services sources a wide range of products from reputable suppliers.  We value our independence this enabling us to select the best product for the job.



Irrigation Services source a wide selection of microsprinklers to tailor highly customized solutions for every application. Offering a high level of accuracy, uniformity and reliability, the microsprinkler range includes sprayers, rotors, misters and foggers.  Irrigating by microsprinkler is one of the most efficient means of delivering water to your orchard crop.  Water is delivered under pressure, and targeted to where it is most needed.

Our extensive range allow for diversity of flow rates, distribution patterns and droplet sizes. Micro sprinklers also provide the versatility to be used as part of a fertigation programme, delivering fertilizer via the irrigation network to targeted areas.



Dripline is a flexible and cost-effective irrigation solution for a wide range of crops in diverse conditions, and can be tailored to varied customer needs.  Irrigation Services sources product from reputable suppliers; the range available includes pressure-compensating driplines, traditional driplines, thin-walled driplines, button drippers and lay-flat hoses.

  • Thinwall Dripline drippers are injection-moulded and welded into the wall of seamless tubing, supplying the highest level of distribution uniformity.  At Irrigation Services request, a unique flap technology protects the dripper against suction of debris and root intrusion.
  • Heavywall driplines provide growers with efficient, money-saving tools to better manage specific water and nutrient requirements.
  • Injection-moulded drippers are made of high quality polyethylene material and are welded into a wall of seamless tubing creating a strong and durable dripline. The dripline is made from the highest quality resins available so it’s resilient enough to last through multiple seasons, year after year.
  • On-Line Drippers are designed with the largest flow path in the industry allowing particles to pass freely through practically eliminating clogging and allowing long-term efficient operation. 

Irrigation Services pioneered the use of EM mapping matching irrigation application rates in vineyards to soil type to ensure water is applied efficiently, and crop quality is maximised. This technology is now applied to other crops to ensure the best result for the most efficient water usage.


Pivots/linear irrigation

Developments in pivot irrigation enable application rate to be varied to suit soil type and undulating country along a mapped pivot line.  Irrigation Services works with leading suppliers where application rate can be varied on individual sprinklers as the pivot passes a mapped point.Commonly used as part of a farm management programme, carefully designed pivot and linear irrigation systems decreases the risk of leaching and minimise water wastage.


Pod irrigation

Pod irrigation systems are a cost effective pipeline sprinkler irrigation system for pasture and forage crops.  Designed to operate at low pressure, pod irrigators distribute water on a slow absorption rate over a 12-24 hour period, allowing for effective absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off.

Strong and lightweight pod irrigation systems are simple to install.  The system utilises protective pod covers over sprinklers that are attached to an irrigation pipeline.  Systems can be configured to suit individual requirements dependent on application rates, the distance to be irrigated and the rotation intervals appropriate for the situation.  Each irrigation line can be customised to suit varying paddock sizes and shapes while also accommodating existing obstructions.


Travelling Irrigators

Travelling Irrigators are coils of polyethylene (PE) pipe attached to a trolley and fitted with a raingun or a boom structure with small sprinklers at one end.   Positioned in field by a tractor the PE pipe is unreeled, pressurised water is pumped down the PE pipe driving the water turbine and retracting the pipe while irrigating the field.


Long Line Sprinklers

Long line sprinkler systems are often used to irrigate irregular shaped blocks, corners not covered by centre pivots, or where other forms of irrigation are not suitable. These sprinkler systems are hand shift, and do require labour input to operate.

However, labour requirements can be minimized with the use of permanent or solid set sprinkler systems.