What we do

Deliver intelligent irrigation systems

Water is a precious resource which Irrigation Services uses its design expertise to get the most benefit from.  We ensure that your project begins on time, stays on budget and finishes when you expect it to finish. It’s our guarantee – we stand by our word.
We pride ourselves on designing, supplying and installing quality systems, on time with no loose ends.  Our schemes comply with regulations and meet consent conditions.  We stand by our work, selecting the best product for each job from a range of suppliers, and provide post commissioning support and maintenance. 


We are leaders in drip and micro sprinkler irrigation, offering a wide range of orchard irrigation solutions to keep trees evenly wetted during the drier months, maximising fruit quality come harvest.


We offer a full range of farm irrigation, pumping and effluent solutions. As FDE accredited designers we can meet your specific requirements and comply with regulatory requirements and best practice.


Water is an important controllable component to maintaining production quality and consistency. Irrigation solutions enable you to protect your investment, and can also be effectively used as a means of frost protection.


We are expert at land based effluent application for councils and commercial clients. We can provide turnkey solutions for wastewater storage, treatment and irrigation to land.


Irrigation Services is well equipped to design and install in-ground irrigation on sports fields, golf greens, and parks. We are experienced and skilled in municipal and residential turf sprinkler systems.