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Growing crops has become a high-tech business.  Most activities related to healthy crops and good yields depend on the timely availability of moisture and water application data.



Rapid technology development has led us to the position where comprehensive Cloud based irrigation management is a very real option for most growers and farmers.  Irrigation Services specialises in the design and installation of powerful centralized crop management systems that combine hardware, software and communication components together with analytical tools into centralized systems.

From the touch of a button, irrigation, valves, pumps reservoirs and fertigation can be turned on and off remotely.  Expandable and efficient crop management systems make efficient use of water, energy, chemicals and manpower resources.  Timely and accurate water applications increase yields, produce quality and profitability to the farmer or grower.

Tailor made solutions are available to meet the needs of every client.

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Telemetry can automatically measure and wirelessly transmit data from the field directly to your computer or smartphone, meaning irrigation and fertigation can be managed remotely. Rapid technology development has led to a number of smart options for remote telemetry solutions. 

Water flow and volume information is collected on data loggers with capability for real time reporting of water use to regional councils ensuring users stay within consented volumes.

Telemetry provides an economical and efficient method to access remote data instantly, saving time and costs by eliminating manual data collection, and assisting with reporting water use to regional councils.  For clients with more advanced monitoring requirements.  Irrigation Services supplies and installs solar powered telemetry equipment and weather stations.

We use the latest technology from suppliers such as Harvest and Deeco.


Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring is key to ensuring good irrigation management decisions are made.  Our range of soil water content sensors measure the exact amount of moisture in soils.

After analysis of this data other irrigation devices such as, solenoid valves, gate valves, irrigation pumps, and fertigation pumps can all be activated and controlled via Telemetry.

A full range of soil moisture monitoring devices, from hand-read tensiometers through to live SDI fully calibrated data management is available.



Water meters ranging from a simple mechanical devices through to a fully electronic meter with no moving parts are available.  All meters measure pulse, and are capable of collection of data for monitoring, control and compliance.

Water takes are consented by regional councils and the installation and regular verification of watermeters are required as part of the consent process.  Irrigation Services is a member of the Blue Tick Accreditation programme; our installation and verification services have been tested and assessed as competent by Irrigation NZ.  Regional councils rely on this accreditation process to recommend qualified companies to verify your water meter. 

 INZ accredited installation websiteINZ accredited verification website


Irrigation Services will tailor-make water metering solutions to suit your budget and requirements. We are committed to providing the best outcome for clients meeting these regulatory requirements, and ensuring the efficient use of water.  We comply with industry standards Irrigation NZ The New Zealand Water Meter Code of Practice, April 2015.



Irrigation Services is accredited to verify your water meter.  During verification, your water meter is compared to a calibrated reference meter, comparing the volume of water each meter records over a set time period. The verification process gives confidence that the meter meets the required accuracy standard (that your water meter is within 5% of the reference meter).  The physical set-up of the meter is also checked to ensure it complies with regulations.  Water meters need to be verified every five years; Irrigation Services has a purpose built rig to ensure accurate results, which are then forwarded to the relevant regional council. 

Click here for the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010 

Read the Guidelines for the Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes here.

Irrigation Services is accredited by Irrigation New Zealand to verify water meters in Hawke's Bay, Waikato, Gisborne, Southland and Greater Wellington regions.

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Irrigation Services offers full irrigation and frost control maintenance contracts to its clients.  This service enables farmers and horticulturalists to get on with what they do best, producing top quality outputs, and Irrigation Services can ensure irrigation is running within the optimum levels and within the design specification.

Our in-house technical experts can repair any model of pump, irrigator or fertigation or irrigation system.  An efficiently run irrigation system is crucial to your business to maximise crop returns, and to best utilise your water resource.

Irrigation Services offers annual maintenance contracts to ensure the safe and efficient running of your system, tailor-made to each client’s needs.