Case Studies

Farm Dairy Effluent System Design and Implementation

Type of work

Design and build water storage pond to overcome water restrictions.

Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) System, including the design and construction of an effluent storage pond, and the design and implementation of an irrigation to pasture regime to meet Greater Wellington Regional Council Resource Consent Conditions.


Need/problem that needed solving

As an accredited FDE Designer Irrigation Services lead the project calling on the skills of I.S. Dam Lining to line the storage pond with HPDE liner, thus securely containing effluent run-off.  Consideration during the design phase was given to the location, size and solids management.  The design also makes use of the existing irrigation system, dispersing green water over pasture at a rate that meets the nutrient management plan when conditions allow.


Size/scale of project

The FDE system is 32ha in total, consisting of 11ha of high risk area and 21ha of low risk area.  Construction of a settlement pond lined with HDPE liner to a working volume of 3,137m3 minimum.


IS role in project

As an accredited FDE Designer, best practice management was applied to design an effluent containment and redistribution system by way of irrigation that meets the industry code of compliance and local regulatory framework.



Variations to the general conditions of resource consent issued by the Greater Wellington Regional Council were required and managed by Irrigation Services.  Changes included:

  •     Design of a pond with a 90% probability and 3 days storage capacity
  •     Construction of FDE storage pond and leak testing
  •     Altering the FDE application area
  •     Altering herd size to 500 cows
  •     Hydraulic application rate alteration as per long lateral set sprinkler type, with rate flexibility for future changes.


Description of outcome/Solution

The system utilizes the total existing irrigation system mainline and travelling irrigator.

Works included:

  • Construction of a pond and lining of pond with HDPE liner with a working volume of 3,137m3 minimum, settlement pond.
  • Upgrading of the FDE pump and sump area.
  • Upgrading of the pump sump and electrics at the dairy shed.


Staff involved and their expertise

Adrian Mannering completed the design, with works carried out by the Wairarapa based team.



Carterton Wairarapa


Roselea Farm