Irrigation Services will supply and install your watermeter and telemetry requirements, compliant with local council requirements.

New government regulations came into effect on 10 November 2010 requiring consented water takes of 5l/s or greater to be measured with an accuracy of +/- 5%. If the regulations apply to you and your consent was granted before 10 November 2010, the deadline for compliance depends on your consented rate of take:

  • 20 litres per second or more; no later than 10 November 2012 
  • 10 litres per second up to 20 litres per second: no later than 10 November 2014 
  • 5 litres per second up to 10 litres per second: no later than 10 November 2016

Irrigation Services will tailor-make water metering solutions to suit your budget and requirements. We are committed to providing the best outcome for clients meeting these regulatory requirements. Irrigation Services is approved to install and verify your watermeter system. For clients with more advanced monitoring requirements, Irrigation Services supplies and installs solar powered Harvest telemetry equipment and weather stations.

See and Telemetry provides an economical and efficient method to access remote data instantly, saving time and costs by eliminating manual data collection, and assisting with reporting water use to regional councils.