Irrigation Services offers a full range of irrigation, pumping and effluent requirements to agriculture.


We offer:

  • Pivots/linear irrigation systems
  • Pod irrigation systems
  • Travelling irrigators
  • Long lateral sprinklers
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Farm water supplies
  • Pumping & filtration
  • EM mapping

Stock water

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough watering points in all paddocks to spread the grazing pressure evenly?
  • Are my troughs/tanks/dams big enough?
  • What is the condition of the pumps, pipes and systems?

Irrigation Services will help you provide efficient systems that conserve water but ensure efficient delivery. Irrigation Services will ensure your project meets council requirements, gives appropriate levels of control and is cost-effective.


Farm dairy shed effluent is a valuable resource. Irrigation Services can help with all or part of your effluent storage and discharge process, from building lined dams, through to land application of effluent.

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